We know that we run a global business. For that we ensure that we maintain and follow the highest international standards in the farming process so that the best produce is obtained. Along with the farming process, we also pay great attention to the export process to ensure that all rules and regulations are adhered to and followed strictly.

Mentioned below is the work process which we follow in our business:

Step 1

Farmer Registration

Employing eligible farmers in the project

Step 2

Providing Training

Providing necessary training to the farmers

Step 3

Cultivation Process

Maintaining scientifically proved cultivation-flow process

Step 4

Collection of Vegetables from Field

Collecting fruits and vegetables from field. Washing them with fresh water for soil and dirt removal

Step 5

Product Inspection by FITO Officer at APEDA Approved Pack House

Further cleaning and washing in machines at APEDA approved pack house, followed by official check up by FITO Officer

Step 6

Products Getting Fico clearance and Packing

Approving product for export by Fito officer and finally packing and labeling inside pack house

Step 7

Consignment is Ready to Export

Packed Goods are shifting to Airport towards the destination country